Mobile Games Fast Growing

Mobile Games market Still Fast Growing


Mobile platforms game is a video game played on a feature phone, smartphone, portable media player or calculator. For now , the mobile game we talking about usually means the games play on Android and iOS system . Such as smartphone with Android system (Samsung , Nokia) and iPhone , iPad etc.

Today, the number of games on the iOS App Store has over 150,000 . Numerous teams still develop more products in a very short period . Digi-Capital investment bank released their Global Games Investment Review 2014 noting video game investments continuing to grow but primarily on mobile games and gamification technology. Mobile and online games will grow with expected revenue of $60 billion by 2017. This revenue will increase the games industry revenue that will exceed $100 billion by 2017. Mobile and online games will take up to 60 percent of the games market. And the target market in 2014: Asia and Europe. Typically mobile games use one of the following business models: pay-per-download, subscription, free-to-play or advertising. The main option for generating revenues was pay-per-download. Subscription business also existed in a few markets .

In recent years, mobile Internet and the rapid popularization of intelligent terminals, mobile platforms game market also will become increasingly apparent. Since the beginning of 2012, traditional media companies , car models companies and other less-game-related companies have also joined the mobile game acquire market, this is also a sign of the mobile platforms game investments still growing fast.