Mobile Games double growth

Mobile Games market double growth , client games remain stagnant


At this time last year, the monthly revenue of a mobile game exceeded 5 million USD thus became the focus of people's attention. A year has passed and this threshold is to be increased to 50 million USD. As reports released by IDC etc. indicate, in the first half of this year, only mobile games enjoy a double growth on the online game market, client games and website games almost remain stagnant.

With the rapid development of mobile internet and smart mobile terminal, online games have again become the cash cow without any suspense. It is said that a lot of mobile games enterprises with hot and popular data are be in a tangle with capital. Enhance there'll be queries like: if those games are really that good, why do they still need investment or to be sold?

Culture is the biggest driving force of games. While restricted by the hardware and size of mobile terminals, mobile games have innate weaknesses in constructing the overall framework of games. However, the thickness of game content is closely related to the life cycle of games. Website games used to be denounced due to its short life cycle, while now mobile games face such a problem as well.

If a mobile game only has a standalone version, it will soon be overwhelmed even though it might be extremely famous all over the world, online version can prolong users' life cycle to some extent, but at least currently it's still hard to be mentioned in the same breath with client games, nor does any final conclusion has yet been reached on its comparison with website games. It's hard for client games to get acknowledge of relatively high value on overseas capital markets either due to its short life cycle.

Compared with client games, website games and mobile games need a low development cost but have a fast cycle, which is likely to cause a massive total quantity thereby gives rise to vicious competition. Unlike client games, website games often try to put game charging points in front so as to make game players pay as quickly as possible because website games have short life cycles. Besides, there's a reciprocal causation between those two aspects and they will deteriorate each other. Therefore, website games lose users at a high rate and in the end there'll only be users who pay for the games playing the games. All in all, mobile games have got to look out for the development of website games during the past few years. As a matter of fact, the website game industry is also reflecting on whether the current mode needs to be adjusted.